Top 5 business ideas you can start in a shipping container

shipping container

10ft Shipping Container

Shipping containers are an affordable and convenient means of setting up a

business quickly and effectively. When using a shipping container, new

business owners avoid expensive constructive costs on brick-and-mortar

sites or expensive rentals in already crowded retail centres.

Prospective business owners can find a variety of shipping containers for sale 

that come in a range of sizes, and which can even be outfitted according to

your requirements by a shipping container supplier like Container King.

Added to this, containers have become a trendy solution in the current

market environment for their sustainability and their sleek aesthetic appeal.

The business opportunities of a shipping container are endless,

and in this article we explore the top 5 ideas to get you started.

1.    Pop-up shop

Pop-up shops are all the rage, offering an accessible and interesting way for

customers that exist outside of your permanent business location to sample a capsule collection from your range.

Shipping containers make wonderful pop-up shops as they are easily

transportable, and can be quickly outfitted to suit the aesthetic of the capsule collection you wish to promote.

2.    shipping container Gift shop

Successful gift shops benefit primarily from location, and ensuring that

your shop stands out amongst the bevy of large retailers will ensure greater access to your target market.

Because shipping containers can be easily transported, you can set up

your gift shop at locations that experience high levels of foot traffic

during busy festive seasons, or place it in eye-catching areas for attention-grabbing product displays.

Rentals for art spaces have become increasingly expensive as curators and

artists alike seek to target exclusive locations to showcase their pieces.

However, a shipping container makes an excellent alternative to the concept of the traditional art gallery,

creating an eye-catching space that speaks to the innovation and imagination of the artistic process.

Using a shipping container, you will be able to move your art gallery

to various different community areas and showcase your own work

and the work of local artists. Added to this, shipping containers can

be easily expanded, so that you can grow your unique art space sustainably over time.

4.    Meal prep service

With the hustle and bustle of our increasingly busy daily lives, more and

more people have begun to rely on meal prep services as a convenient

means of enjoying a fast and affordable lunch break, to pick up a fun

dinner on the way home, or to find an easy spot to have a quick meeting.

Shipping containers are the perfect size in which to set up a meal

prep kitchen, while their accessibility makes it

even easier to advertise food directly to the passing crowds.

5.    Tasting room

One of the most important aspects of promoting new food or drink

items to the public is to find a way for prospective customers to

sample your delicious fare. Tasting events can be costly and space availability is limited.

Setting up a tasting room in a shipping container allows you to

promote your new craft beer, enticing baked goods,

or hand-grown produce directly to the market without any great cost or effort.

Next time you think of the above listed business ideas,

let a shipping container from Container King be your alternative.

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