transforms shipping containers into amazing spaces

This meant that Mitchell and David were unable to sell containers in bulk but instead had to focus on the surplus that existed within the European market.

As a result, the business used the pandemic to their advantage and began creating spaces for home offices, garden salons and pop-up eateries.

Mitchell spoke of starting up the business and how they operate, he said: “We set up Quick Containers just outside of Edinburgh as there was a huge gap in the Scottish market.

“Down south there are maybe four to five companies in every city offering shipping containers in bulk or to refurbish them for other uses but the trend does not seem to have travelled across the border.

Greedy Gecko eatery conversion in Livingston.
Greedy Gecko eatery conversion in Livingston.

“We ran it part-time for a short while but around February 2020 we decided to do it full-time. Then within four weeks we were locked down.

“This worked out for us in the end, as lots of people were looking to create spaces for their back gardens – whether that be offices, a play area for the kids or maybe somewhere they could operate out with complicated\ high street spaces.

“Things really began to take off and each month we would go from strength to strength. Ultimately the workaround solutions were our biggest earner during the pandemic and majority of where our business came from.”

On how the business works he added: “The conversion of containers means a longer turnaround but a higher markup.

“The cost of each conversion really depends on what is needed. We have helped create a mini shopping centre by joining up multiple containers and this sort of development can range between £250,000-450,000.

Breakout play area before.
Breakout play area before.

“But then you also have the smaller projects where maybe people were just looking for storage and it would cost maybe around £4,000-£5,000.

“The cost of each conversion includes the construction costs, insulating, lining, adding windows and doors – pretty much whatever the client needs and if they have the budget then we can do it.

“I’ve always said it is like working with Lego. If you need a house, an office, a shop, a dog groomer or hair salon then shipping containers can be adjusted to meet your needs.

“You are seeing it more and more in the UK, where local authorities are maybe looking to them for housing like in Brighton or for instance in Motherwell, where we created a mini market by joining up two 40ft shipping containers.

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